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<%JTE    OF   ?HE    "BUFFALO   HEAD

the big camp lying back there In the coulee. In
the soft brown moonlight of mid-dawn it looked
like a big snow-bank. When we got up on a
ridge from which we could watch the camp, we
made a halt, and White Dog and our older men
smoked. Our spies could detect no movement in
the Crow camp. They must have thought that
we had not seen them on the afternoon before; for
they had evidently taken no precautions against

When we started on again we abandoned the
ridge and rode down into the river valley where
the travelling was easier. We had not gone more
than three miles when we heard a noise, and we
looked up—and there were the Crows firing at us
from the top of a big cut-bank ahead of us. They
had been smarter than we thought they were,
They had sneaked out of their camp right behind
us5 and headed us off, evidently using the few
bridles they had left and allowing the other horses
to follow the leader—guiding them with their
knees in the Indian fashion.

White Dog yelled for the women and children
to make for the river-bank, and he and our braves
rode ahead to meet the Crows. White Dog, who
had been riding ahead of us, had been hit in the
chest by a bullet,, and blood was running from his

Fortunately 5 some of our men had continued